嵐酔水墨画書道教室 東京・渋谷表参道/恵比寿、銀座で学ぶ水墨画と書の世界 ~Ransui's Sumi Art class

渋谷恵比寿と表参道で学ぶ本格的な水墨画と書の世界 心の模様を素直に墨と筆に託して思いを伝える そんな教室の様子 水墨画と書の文化を活動を通して発信中 

Join us for Sumi-e painting and Calligraphy,Shodo


Welcome to my class at OmoteSando and Ebisu, you can enjoy your painting with Sumi and brushes in Oriental way!!

Hello, everyone,
I am just writing to introduce the beauty of Oriental art, Japanese Shodo (Calligraphic art and Sumi-e (Chinese ink painting) to those who are interested in this kind of art.
The above picture is one of my foreign students enjoyably drawing Bamboo Sumi-e painiting at my studio.
She came from Bolivia for her business , then her heart always loves art hit up to this Sumi-e art.
Her dream is to produce something beautiful ink painting by herself, so she is always keen to draw Sumi-e painting to master the way of brush strokes over and over.

Recently She has gradually got to achieve her own technique for Sumi-e art. you also will feel her serious atmosphere toward Sumi-e art with this above picture.

Anyway, if you also seem to have your feel that you are curious about studying Sumi-e or Calligraphic art like her too, Let's do it together with us and please feel the happiness and joy through drawing something with Sumi and brushes!!!!

if you wish to take an experience of my school just as an one-time
experience lesson(2000yen), please feel free to come here and make a book before your experience.
Regarding to the in detail information about my art institute, please check out the Ransui's Sumi-e and Calligraphic class information of this same blog site, indicates the categolly ''About Ransui's class.
Then, if you want to make a contact to me, please sen your messages to my E-mail address shown at in the information section.

I do hope I could take over my passion for this beauty of Sumi-e and Calligraphy to you with holding brushes together with you!!! Then I strongly expect that my passion could be spreading out to many people who experince this kind of art for the happiness and peace and friendship all over the world.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you before long and meeting new people through an art.

Thank you so much indeed.

ICCPS JAPAN Chinese ink painting & Chinese Calligraphic Art Institute Tokyo Main OFFICE
General Director

E;mail: londontottenham32iromance@gmail.com

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